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Smash has a new showrunner – well, the deal is in the final stages anyway. The role has been up for grabs ever since creator and current showrunner Theresa Rebeck announced she’s planning to return to the theater, and the search has been on to replace her on the NBC musical drama hit, which has already been renewed for a second season and really did need someone at the helm. The choice is former Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Safran.

Many were surprised when Rebeck stepped down as showrunner effective at the end of Season 1. Smash was really her baby, and even a little bit autobiographical (one of the major characters is based on her), but she decided to move on pretty quickly. Word is she decided to return to the theater, her original love. At any rate, the position came up for grabs, and NBC has been considering a number of choices. Safran came up as the frontrunner, and now Deadline says he’s our man.

Safran is a veteran of Gossip Girl, but as far as I know hasn’t much experience with a musical. Drama, however, he can do, so surely he can find someone to make up the difference. Speaking of differences, critics and fans haven’t been too pleased with the plotline in recent episodes, so I am expecting that we will see some changes in the next season. No doubt Safran will be a part of that. What type of changes we can expect to see, there’s no word on yet, but Season 2, which is already in the works, will most likely show signs of the regime change.

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