Gotham Cast Gets Even Better With Donal Logue On Board To Partner Detective James Gordon

Last time we saw Donal Logue on television, he was on a quest for vengeance in Sons of Anarchy and making a mess of things in Charming in the process. But it sounds like he'll be on the right side of the law in his role on Fox's highly anticipated Gotham series. Logue is the latest start to join the cast of the drama, which is being written by Bruno Heller and already has a series commitment from Fox.

Warner Bros. says Logue will play the role of Detective Harvey Bullock in Gotham. The series is set up as a prequel to Batman's era in the city and will revolve around Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie). The drama will also tell the origin stories of some of the villains that made Gotham famous. Logue's character is Jim Gordon's partner and mentor. He's described as a rough-around-the-edges detective who plays loose with police procedure, but gets the job done. "And he does it with old-school, forceful panache." I like him already.

But it's not hard to like Logue. He's proven to have the kind of range to make him a good fit for a hero or a villain, and in this case, it looks like he's the former. We also know he's good with comedy and drama. His list of credits is evidence of that. Before playing the fairly unstable Lee Toric in Sons of Anarchy, Logue starred in the comedy series Grounded for Life, and played Chuck Martin on NBC's ER. He also starred in FX's underrated detective drama Terriers and more recently, played Brendan Donovan in BBC America's Copper. His feature credits include Zodiac, Blade and the upcoming CBGB.

Watch him get beat up and nailed to a wall by Blade in this clip:

This new role sounds like a great fit for the actor, and Logue's involvement certainly increases the value of Gotham's cast a bit more. It'll be great to see what kind of dynamic Logue and McKenzie have as detective partners.

Just yesterday, we shared the news of four more actors joining McKenzie in the series. Zabryna Guevara is set to play Jim and Harvey's boss, Captain Essen, while Erin Richards will play Gordon's fiancé Barbara. Meanwhile, Sean Pertwee's set to play Bruce Wayne's caretaker Alfred Pennyworth, who's described as a tough-as-nails ex-marine from East London. With each piece of casting, we're getting a better idea of the shape of this promising new drama. At the very least, we know the Penguin -- or the guy who will go on to be The Penguin -- will be a part of it, and hopefully some other iconic Gotham villains. We'll keep you posted as more updates come in!

Kelly West
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