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Today was a big day for Fox, as they ordered new seasons of three hit shows including Gotham, Empire and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It comes as no surprise that the network picked up a second season of Gotham and a third season of popular comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but what comes as somewhat of a shock is that they are already pushing forward with the order of a second season of Empire.

Empire, a hip-hop drama starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson has only two episodes under its belt, and it already is Fox’s biggest hit of the season. With a 5.3 rating, it is the the number one series of the season with substantial growth in viewership from Episode 1 to Episode 2. The news that this Lee Daniels and Danny Strong series will already be renewed though, with only two episodes out, is a bold move. But with such high ratings along with growth in numbers, it’s a seemingly good risk to take.

And it comes as little surprise to us, that the comic book TV series, Gotham will continue its run. Our love for the Batman prequel runs deep, and it could easily turn into one of TV’s best shows. Gotham has averaged a 4.2 rating with 10.6 million viewers. And the best part of the show, is all the room it has to grow. The Batman universe is filled with incredible characters, and some of the best villains in comic books. While the show came off to a busy start, it has promise. Promise that as fans of the kind-hearted detective James Gordon, we expect to shine through.

But the powerhouse of shows doesn’t stop at two. Brooklyn Nine-Nine starring Andy Samberg will get a third season, and while its ratings aren’t quite as high as Empire or Gotham it’s a smart move by Fox, considering the two producers of the show, Dan Goor and Mike Schur will see off their cult-followed NBC show, Parks and Recreation this season. With Parks and Rec wrapping up, the producing duo will have Brooklyn Nine-Nine to focus on. And also, fans of their comic masterpiece will likely be attracted to the Fox series, in hope of it filling the comedy gab that the end of Parks and Rec will leave behind.

Fox, who had experienced a serious decline this past fall was in dire need of the success that these three shows are bringing in. And, still to come this season, Fox has Backstrom, cop drama starring Rainn Wilson which is bound to be hilarious, and a one-man sitcom starring Will Forte called, Last Man on Earth. They also have the limited series thriller, Wayward Pines coming up starring Matt Dillon.