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There are some spoilers in this article if you aren’t caught up on Gotham. Everyone still here? Alright, let’s go.

Fox’s Gotham has gotten off to a pretty villainous start, with a slew of heavy hitting names wreaking havoc in the big city. While Carmine Falcone, Fish Mooney, and Salvatore Maroni all have their finer points, the most fascinating character to watch has been Oswald Cobblepot, a young villain with bold aspirations. This week, Gotham released a brand new video, which looks at what the future holds for the Penguin, and how his actions will affect the other characters in Gotham.
If you didn’t catch last week’s episode of Gotham, Detectives Harvey Bullock and James Gordon were in some hot water, facing charges related to the death of one Oswald Cobblepot. Just in the nick of time, Cobblepot shows up at the precinct to save the two detectives from going to jail for his murder. However, with his official reappearance (Gordon has known he’s been around for a while) comes a whole set of different problems. The famous Jim Gordon’s lie is now out in the open. Additionally, Gordon and Bullock are likely to be in a different kind of trouble as soon as Mooney and Falcone catch wind of the Penguin’s presence in town.

The preview for next week takes a look at the epic sequence, when the Penguin walks into the precinct and utters an eerie, “hello.” Actor Robin Lord Taylor, who plays Cobblepot in Gotham, says the moment is a turning point for the character.
“It’s a really big moment for him because it’s just him putting himself out there in the world, acknowledging that he’s alive, embracing his potential.”

The Penguin’s big reveal will have ramifications for Gordon, who says he needs to “save his hide” as well as his girlfriend, who has inadvertently found herself in danger. There’s also an issue of trust that will need to be addressed between Gordon and Bullock. However, the Penguin is slowly but surely becoming the biggest and most interesting antagonist on the show. Moving forward, it seems like he is coming into his own on the series and will only have more and more to do moving forward. Gotham’s been good so far if not great. It’s been filled with good performances from its large ensemble cast of actors. But none have shined as brightly as Taylor’s creepy, cold and calculating Penguin, and we’re all better off as viewers now that he’ll be "officially" be back in Gotham City.

You can catch new episodes of Fox’s Gotham on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET.