Green Lantern Series Coming To Cartoon Network

Talk about confidence. Cartoon Network is already developing an animated series to launch right after the forthcoming Green Lantern film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Thank god they didn't make a MacGruber one. The network is looking for a fall 2011 launch for the series.

It's a sign of an increasing collaboration between Turner networks and Time Warner, parent company of DC Comics, which owns Green Lantern. Now, considering how well these Iron Man movies keep doing, I have a hard time imagining a well made GL movie flopping at the box office. If, however, they make a crappy movie then its anyone's game.

Regardless, though, there is so much potential in the Green Lantern concept, even a bad movie could make for a great television series. I hope they take it in a more serious direction than Batman: The Brave and the Bold. As fun as it is, we don't need to see two DC series like this.

They should take inspiration from another series spun out of a film, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. That series manages to be all-ages fun, while tackling more complex political and social issues and offering a deeper storyline that more sophisticated fans can latch onto.

Either way, as long as Mogo is there -- it's a planet that's also a Green Lantern -- then I am totally there, too!