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Back in November, Guillermo del Toro announced he was working with Battlestar Galactica executive producer David Eick to bring the Incredible Hulk to the small screen. Six months later, the rumor and our hopes had all but died, thanks to a lack of news and the busyness of del Toro’s schedule.

No one could really blame the man if he passed on a revision of the Hulk story. It’s already been done twice in the past decade, and from all angles it looked like the del Toro and Eick version would be an origin story -- just like the two recent films. Besides, Guillermo del Toro’s currently working on getting the directorial project Pacific Rim together and he has countless producer credits abounding at any given moment. He’s a busy man.

So, it was a nice surprise when Guillermo del Toro confirmed, via Fearnet, that Hulk is still happening, and has already been through the writing and rewriting stages with ABC. The Hulk that del Toro and Eick have envisioned is part computer-generated imagery and part live action, but the big question is whether it can live up to expectations and give audiences a memorable and unique version of the Marvel hero. When asked if the TV Hulk will be different, del Toro said:

I think so. Or we wouldn't be trying it. Actually, one of the points of this project early on with Marvel was ‘We're going to do this thing different, and here's how. Are you interested?’ And they were.

Now the writing is confirmed to be underway, stay tuned for casting details and release date.