Guys Ride Blow-Up Dolls This Monday On Bromance

As you may already be aware, The Hills star Brody Jenner is looking for a new bro in the new MTV reality series Bromance. We’ve got a couple of video clips from this Monday’s episode that you might want to check out. In the competition, Brody attempts to get to know the Bro-hopefuls by sitting with them one on one and making them cry by talking about their feelings. He’s also putting them through a series of challenges to see which of them have what it takes to meet his bro-standards.

In this ridiculous clip below, the guys have to dress a bunch of blow-up dolls and then row them through a pool. The only thing I was able to appreciate about the clip was the use of Paramore’s “Misery Business” playing in the background during a portion of the video.

Brody talks about his family. Awww…

The guys just can’t seem to help tearing up around Brody:

Bromance airs Monday nights at 9:00 PM ET on MTV.

Kelly West
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