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HBO and Allen Ball, the creator of fan fave Six Feet Under, have teamed up to recreate the extremely popular British show Bad Girls. Reruns of the British show can still be seen on MTV’s Gay/Lesbian/Transgender channel Logo.

Yahoo News reported this morning that Ball will assist with the ”drama about the staff and inmates of a women's prison. Ball will serve as an executive producer and supervise the writing.”

Sounds to me like HBO is trying to fill the void left from the Soprano’s with something that will entice every heterosexual male in the US to sign up for the premium channel. I made the mistake of putting the words “bad girls” as my keywords while googling for pictures for this article, and I don’t think any of the pictures that came up had anything to do with the British show.

My husband will be happy, because he is tired of watching Big Love reruns with me. For those of us who’ve never heard of Allen Ball before, he wrote American Beauty, and directed