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HBO appears to be scrambling to fix the George W. Bush severed head situation related to their popular fantasy series Game of Thrones. While said head appeared in the series' first season, and was only recently publicly noticed and made a big deal of, the pay-cable network isn't messing around when it comes to correcting the issue as best they can.

Recently, word got around that the final episode of the first season of Game of Thrones featured what looked like the former president's head mounted on a spike. Attention was drawn to the situation from the commentary included on the DVD/blu-ray for the first season of the series (watch the clip here), and series co-creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have since issued a statement apologizing, as has HBO. Deadline is now reporting that HBO has pulled the episode from their digital platform HBO Go, as well as iTunes, and has even gone so far as to halt DVD shipments until the situation can be corrected. Included in their statement, they said:
"We condemn it in the strongest possible terms and have halted all future shipments of the DVDs, removed it from our digital platforms and will edit the scene for all future airings on any distribution domestic or international.

Is HBO overreacting? I don't know. On one hand, it's in bad taste and pretty morbid to put any president's head on a pike, regardless of whether it was a matter of necessity because they just happened to have a prosthetic George W. Bush head laying around, or it was meant to be funny. On the other hand, HBO's plan to edit out the head seems like it's coming a bit too late, given that the episode aired over a year ago. I can understand their feeling that they need to do something to fix the situation, but the apology might have been enough. Then again, it gets under my skin whenever movies or TV shows are noticeably altered well after the fact (beyond digital remastering and that sort of thing).

Should HBO edit out the head?