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HBO's Year End Video Shows Off New Game Of Thrones Season 6 Footage And More

Every year, HBO starts releasing Game of Thrones footage in earnest, and this year we got a nice sneak peak through the subscription cable network’s year-end video. The first minute and 47 seconds is devoted to this past year’s footage, but if you can get through that, you’ll get a good look at Game of Thrones’ upcoming sixth season, along with new footage of HBO’s upcoming dramas, including Westworld and Vinyl. Give it a watch, below.

As much as we’re excited about the Westworld premiere, we do know you’re checking out this article likely because the thought of new Game of Thrones footage is appealing. So, let’s jump right in. First, there’s a shot of Dany looking a little more bedraggled than how we left her last season. We see her with a concerned look on her face, but unfortunately, we still don’t know where she is or if she’s stuck with the Dothraki that surrounded her at the end of Season 5.


Then, we get a shot of Ramsay Bolton on a horse, which is fairly uneventful, although since Ramsay is the villain everyone loves to hate, it’s nice to know he’s still alive and kicking and ready to exercise his psychopath tendencies wherever he rides. The other major shot, though, is worth taking a second look at. It features Cersei hugging Tommen, who is clearly super far over his head at this point.


We know Cersei will be recovering from that long walk of shame she agreed to last spring in Season 6, and despite having to deal with short hair and a young king who isn’t assertive enough to make any real decisions, she looks really resolved in the short moment we get in the trailer. I wouldn’t be shocked if she wreaks some havoc in the upcoming season against the High Sparrow and his band of followers. I’m much more interested, however, in how the Tyrells will tie in.

While we wish there was more Game of Thrones footage to stare at, there’s also stuff from HBO’s other upcoming programs. We’ve been hearing about Westworld forever and actually expected that series this year, but it’s nice to know HBO is finally getting the show on the schedule. And, of course, Sarah Jessica Parker will be back on HBO in Divorce, a drama that also features SNL alum Molly Shannon. Vinyl is also coming to the network super soon, and while we only see snippets of the show in the new trailer, we’ve actually gotten the full trailer for the music biz-based drama, which you can watch, here.

Game of Thrones Season 6 is expected to return to HBO this April, and we’ve already put together a nifty guide regarding everything we know about the new season of the drama. In addition, you can check out what’s coming up this winter with our midseason premiere schedule.

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