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It’s been just a few short hours since NBC revealed the decision to cancel its critically acclaimed drama Hannibal. However, as happens with most shows with passionate fanbases, the potential for Hannibal to be picked up by another network or streaming service is already being talked about. It wouldn’t be totally unprecedented, either, as showrunner Bryan Fuller has already revealed plans for a potential Season 4.

On Monday, NBC cancelled Hannibal, but now various outlets are reporting the series could find a second life elsewhere. The emphasis is still on the word “could” at this point, as no deals have been finalized and no companies have expressed formal interest at this juncture. But Deadline says that there is “significant interest” in the series, also noting that Amazon is the outlet that has the exclusive rights to the show and could be a good fit. In addition, production company DeLaurentiis Co. has already noted it will explore all options. It also helps that Bryan Fuller is on a social media crusade, encouraging all “fannibals” to tune in in the attempt to save the show.

Fuller also spoke with TV Line following the big upset from NBC, noting that Season 4 has already been planned. He wouldn’t go into detail about the premise on the chance the show does get picked up by another outlet, but he did note the following regarding a fourth season:
It would have explored the Hannibal-Will Graham relationship in a much deeper fashion than the series ever has before.

Hannibal has always been known for its beautiful cinematography and its tight storylines, and Season 3 has been well-reviewed. Regardless, the show was bleeding in viewership each week, with recent episodes only bringing in around 1.6 million total viewers. That might be acceptable on some channels, but it’s a really, really low number for network TV—even network TV in the summer, when viewership is traditionally down. On the bright side, NBC still has plans to air out the rest of Season 3 on the network. And since Hannibal has a little time before it is officially off the air, the show still has the ability to wheel and deal in the attempt to find a new home before the actors contracts run out and they all begin to look for brand new projects. We'll let you know if Hannibal earns a second life, after all.

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