ABC had a good Friday this week. Between back-to-back episodes of Happy Endings and new episodes of Shark Tank and 20/20, the network capably dominated the ratings during primetime. This is especially good news for Happy Endings, which was down in the ratings during its initial move to Friday nights last week.

Happy Endings pulled a 1.1 and a 1.0 in its two airings on Friday, which THR is reporting is up two tenths of a point and three tenths of a point, respectively. Shark Tank also did well, bringing in a 2.1 rating. Close behind the network’s average 1.6 rating on Friday night was CBS, which averaged a 1.3 rating with new episodes of Blue Bloods, Undercover Boss, and Vegas, the latter of which bogged the network’s overall rating down.

Happy Endings has had some ratings struggles this season and recently ABC opted to move the show to Friday nights, rolling with “Save Happy Endings marketing in the attempt to promote the show. Hitting less than a 1.0 rating was an even lower point for the series, but luckily it seems things may be turning around somewhat. A 1.1 rating may not be enough to keep the show from cancellation, just yet. The good news is that it seems fans are now aware of the move to Friday evenings and may opt to tune in for future episodes. Additionally, if the show can keep these numbers up, perhaps the rumors will hold true and USA will take a shot on the series and move it to cable.

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