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Likability and musical talent and/or knowledge are key qualities to be a good singing competition judge, and Harry Connick Jr. certainly is likable and musically talented, so he might be a great choice to fill one of the judges chairs in the upcoming American Idol season. That is, assuming there's an empty chair to fill. From what's being reported, that may be the case.

E! is reporting that Harry Connick, Jr. has confirmed that he's been approached about possibly being a judge next year. Connick didn't indicate just how interested he is in taking the job, assuming there's an offer on the table (or one on the way), but he did say he's been approached about the possibility of judging in the past but it didn't work out, and that he's had fun participating in the show. The singer and sometimes actor appeared as a mentor on Idol this week, working with the Top 4 contestants and then performing during last night's results show.

We know Connick has the talent and the charisma, but how would he be as a judge? From what he told E!, he seems to get that there's a way to be honest without being mean, "I think there's no reason to be mean," he said. "It is called being a 'judge.' You have to judge. That's what you do."

Connick as a judge would be an interesting scenario, and I'm sure his many fans would love to see that happen, but right now, there are four seats at the table and all of them are filled. But let's face it, it's been musical chairs at Idol since Paula left, and given the tension between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey - tension that hasn't done much to boost the show's fizzling ratings - not to mention the rumors that Mariah could have been replaced mid-season with Jennifer Lopez, it wouldn't be surprising if Carey or Minaj left (or was not asked to come back) after this season.