Hawaii Five-0 Watch: Ma Ke Kahakai

Steve McGarrett is not invincible. CBS believed it important we know this. So important that he broke his arm falling off of a small ledge within the first five minutes of Monday night’s episode. No, I don’t know why. I imagine this will have some significance within these next few episodes, but tonight McGarrett managed to punch out a guy and bring him down to the ground with one arm; so this obviously won’t be a physical issue.

It was during this forearm shattering hiking trip that McGarrett and Dano found the body of a local fisherman who had been dumped in the mountains after being shot on his boat. How do they know this? Well, McGarrett plucked some fish scales out of the unlucky gent’s head and traced them back to the restaurant where the fish had been sold to that day. What a great coincidence, right?

With the night’s storyline set, the 5-0 team (you know, not the Boston Red Sox) went deep into some character development. For those of you that have been dying for Chin-Ho to be exonerated for his mysterious past (guilty until proven innocent, dontcha know) I have to imagine you were fairly pleased. If you’re new to the show or have a short attention span, Chin-Ho Kelly was dismissed from the Honolulu Police Department after allegations were made about some stolen cash. Well, it turns out that Chin’s uncle stole the money from HPD in order to fund his wife’s kidney transplant. A veiled attack on our medical system + an attack at the integrity of a police officer = fair and balanced.

All of this is uncovered because the same aunt is now in her final days, which means that the Kelly family reunion is in full effect. Kono plays the role of family glue, attempting to bring Chin and their uncle together with their aunt fading away. Where these relationships will stand come next episode remains uncertain, but with their aunt now gone someone will have to look after their uncle. This should play for some great drama in the coming weeks, and I look forward to some more exfoliating of the 5-0’s most interesting character.

Amid the family drama, some pity is doled out to the local fishermen (and women) of Honolulu. The dead man’s son and his family’s attempts at purchasing a new boat had been thwarted by the high cost. I guess they don’t have those great boat weeks at the local Bass Pro Shop in Hawaii. Because of this, the father (the dead guy, to be clear) had started moonlighting with some sort of shady shipping agency to get some extra money. One night he was overlooking the manifest and found a name he recognized. After a quick Internet search, he discovered that the name was wanted for murder and had been placed on this plane by his father to try to get him out of the country. The suspect’s father caught wind of this and had the man killed. Thankfully, the suspect was apprehended in the end, but it was still a sullen end to a pretty dark episode.

Well, tune in next week for more rainbows and ponies as there’s always trouble in paradise on Hawaii Five-0!