Subscribe To How To Get Away With Murder Shows Off Viola Davis And A Lot Of Red Updates

Among the series we have to look forward to this fall is ShondaLand's latest, How To Get Away With Murder. The new drama solidifies Rhimes' domination over ABC's Thursday-night lineup, as it's set to follow Grey's Anatomy and Scandal each week. The new poster shows a strong and stunning looking Viola Davis set over a background so red and splattery, it out-reds some of Dexter's bloodier posters.

Of course, Viola Davis isn't a serial killer in How To Get Away With Murder. She's an attorney and a law professor...

How To get away with murder

Created by Peter Norwalk premise of the series has Davis playing Annalise Keating, a Criminal Law professor and defense attorney who selects a group of her most promising young students each year to work at her law firm. The first season will have one of Keating's students, Wes (Alfred Enoch), getting mixed up with his neighbor, a girl who finds herself the main suspect in the murder of a student.

(Via TVLine) - The poster comes courtesy of Shonda Rhimes herself, and puts Viola Davis front and center, looking ready for class or court. Behind her, there's sort of a negative-space thing happening, as we see some splatter in black set over a bright red backdrop. The poster is also sure to remind us that this series is from the executive producers of Scandal.

ABC has How to Get Away With Murder set to premiere on Thursday, September 25, which is the same night that Grey's Anatomy and Scandal return. In addition to Viola Davis and Alfred Enoch, the cast includes Aja Naomi King, Jack Falahee, Matt McGorry, Charlie Weber and Katie Findlay, the latter of whom plays the mentioned murder suspect.

Will How To Get Away With Murder be the next must-watch Shondaland series? With Davis on board, it certainly has the talent, and the premise sounds interesting, but we'll have to wait and see how the series plays out when it debuts in September. Watch the previously released trailer for How To Get Away With Murder on the next page!

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