Guess what, guys? This is the week that Netflix finally decided to put Arrow Season 2 on their lineup. But Season 3 has already started on The CW, so we’re past that at this point. Instead, we’re moving on with a handful of series that take mythology, cults and international travel to the next level.

Supernatural – Season 9
Series hitting their tenth season tend to either be news-related or animated, but The CW’s Supernatural is seemingly as strong as ever with its ginormous fanbase, kicking things off this past week with a premiere that took its characters in a completely different direction from where they were. But in case you aren’t yet caught up on the ghastly adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester, now's you’re chance. Watch watch former angel Castiel live life as a human, while also getting to see Jersey Shore’s Snooki make an appearance. (Okay, so maybe that last part isn’t so much of a draw.) Season 9 features an intriguing plotline involving The Wizard of Oz, some angel terrorism, and one late episode that was to serve as a backdoor pilot for the proposed Supernatural: Bloodlines spinoff, though The CW eventually passed on it.

All nine seasons of Supernatural are currently available on Netflix Instant.

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