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More Hulu news coming down the TV pike as it looks like The Walt Disney Company is exploring the idea of bringing some content to the online distributor. For sure ABC is part of the potential deal, but ESPN and Disney Channel could be on the table as well. I do have to wonder how they’d get around the licensing issues with ESPN, but it would be a great addition to the service. Even if it’s just Sports Center.

According to paidContent.org Disney is in “serious” talks to bring their content to Hulu. This wouldn’t the first time rumblings of ABC on Hulu came about, but it has fallen through before. Hulu and CBS had a deal going where Hulu content appeared on TV.com, but that was eventually pulled down. So if ABC joins the Hulu party that would leave only CBS as a major network not providing content.

There does seem to be a little concern that stakeholders NBC Universal and News Corp would have trouble relinquishing any part of their 45% stake in Hulu. Disney would want to have an actual part in Hulu, not just use them as a distribution tool. Otherwise they could continue offering shows through the web player at ABC.com and not worry about Hulu.

Now that Hulu has literally blown up and can offer Disney as many viewers, and sometimes more, than what they could get on live TV the offer is back on the table. I think this deal, or one like it, is going to go through. Right now the anonymous sources are cautioning against assumptions that a deal is being made. At this stage we’re still in early talk mode.
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