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Those of us who were eager to see how Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games would look on the big screen had our first opportunity to do just that this weekend when the film released in theaters. ABC Family’s thinking ahead, and has already nabbed the basic cable rights to the Lionsgate blockbuster, which broke numerous box office records.

According to Deadline, ABC Family struck a deal with Lionsgate to give The Hunger Games a place to settle in on basic cable in a couple of years. And just to get ahead of the game, the cable channel also managed to secure the rights to Catching Fire, the second film in the franchise, based on the second book in Collins’ trilogy.

As The Hunger Games only just hit theaters this weekend, we have a while to wait before we'll be able to find it on the small screen, but come 2014, ABC Family will be airing it. And unless the network changes how they do things by then, weekend movie events much in the way the channel presents the Harry Potter films, may be in the cards for the film.

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