Hurricane Irene is doing more than causing East Coasters to board up their windows and stock up on bottled water. The hurricane, which is expected to hit the eastern seaboard this weekend, has already given Broadway shows in New York a reason to shut down and filming permits to be temporarily revoked. But the damage Hurricane Irene is causing to our entertainment reaches further than the Big Apple.

In Wilmington, North Carolina, One Tree Hill cast members have taken to their Twitters to proclaim the show has been shut down as a precautionary measure. A rep for the show has said the crew will be monitoring the situation and expect the show to be shut down through the weekend before resuming shooting Season 9. Let’s hope there is no damage and the show can resume its work quickly. Love it or hate on it from afar, One Tree Hill is one of the few anchor shows The CW has. The cast doesn’t seem too worried, though. Costar Austin Nichols tweeted:
“Shutting down production tomorrow. Can’t wait to dance with this large woman called Irene.”

In New York, the list of shows not in production is a bit longer. Most of the productions shut down over the weekend are films. However, EW is reporting A&E’s reality program Hoarders is on hiatus and another reality program, Clean House has been rescheduled. If Hurricane Irene causes any real problems, like broken pipelines, flooding, etc. come Monday the real entertainment news will be pouring in. There’s like 23 primetime TV projects going on in New York right now and the majority of them have scheduled a regular work week. We here at Cinema Blend hope everyone makes it through the hurricane safely, but our toes are also crossed filming will be able to resume. Primetime shows start in less than a month!

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