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This feels familiar. FX airs a series that’s different, a little bit dark but filled with interesting characters and a story with loads of potential. The critics like it, as do the viewers but the ratings don’t reflect the quality or potential of the series and it inevitably gets cancelled. It happened before with Terriers and unfortunately, Lights Out is singing the same tune.

Deadline posted the bad news, stating that FX has decided not to renew the boxing drama Lights Out for a second season. The drama series, which stars Holt McCallany, follows a retired boxer who, due in part to his brother’s poor financial choices, is having major money trouble and is struggling with the decision risk his health and his relationships with his wife and kids by returning to the ring. It's a character drama, a potential comeback story and a boxing story all in one. For whatever the reason, it wasn't able to build itself solid ratings.

There are two episodes to go for Season 1 and unfortunately, that’s where the story will end. It’s always unfortunate when a quality series doesn’t garner the ratings it deserves. Such was certainly the case for Terriers and while Lights Out was a completely different series in terms of content, it was equally good and also just as unappreciated.