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Every second counts in 24: Live Another Day, or so says the new trailer for the anticipated event series, which shows Jack Bauer being treated like a criminal. Honestly, what more does that man have to do for the world not to be treated like a terrorist or potential assassin? Of course, what fun would it be if Jack were actually treated like the hero he is?

From what we've seen of 24: Live Another Day, it looks like Jack finds himself targeted and exposed in London. The assumption is that his appearance there means he's going to target President Heller. Yes, William Devane's character, who was once the Secretary to Defense -- not to mention father to Jack's old flame Audrey -- is now the President of the United States. Tate Donovan's character Mark Boudreau, who serves as Heller's Chief of Staff, appears to be concerned about Jack's motives. Oh, did we mention Boudreau's married to Audrey (Kim Raver)? Yeah, this might get personal.

On the other side of things, we have Jack Bauer running around London and eventually trying to enlist the help of his most trusted ally, Chloe O'Brien. Since the series wrapped up, Chloe's gone on to become a mega-hacker for a guy named Adrian Cross (Michael Wincott). Perhaps what Jack said to Chloe about the President's potential assassination likely leading to a World War will be enough to sway her to help him out. It certainly looks like he needs friends right now.

Meanwhile, we have CIA head Steve Navarro (Benjamin Bratt) and CIA agent Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski) trying to track Bauer down. They may be wrong about Bauer's intentions, but if they have one thing right, it's that Jack Bauer is unpredictable. He's proven in the past to go to extreme lengths to get things done. Didn't he shoot some guy's wife in the knee once to get information? Hardcore.

Fox also released a new poster for the series, which gives us a look at Jack and Chloe, arm in arm (kind of) like old friends, while London burns in the background.

24 poster

It's just like old times. Time has always been kind of a recurring thing on this show, so we shouldn't be surprised to see the countdown ticking away over on Fox's 24: Live Another Day website. The clock is ticking as we await the event series' May 5 premiere. In the meantime, here's the teaser that seems to have inspired the first poster:

And check out some cool set photos that show us what the CIA headquarters and Chloe's hacker hub look like here.

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