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I'm still worked up and bitter about the cancellation of NBC's My Name Is Earl, but this is the first step in the arduous recovery. The always enjoyable Jaime Pressly has been cast as one of the leads on the Fox pilot I Hate My Teenage Daughter. The trailer trash princess may not be the most diverse actress on television, but when she's in her wheel house, no one else brings the same combination of hotness, hilarity and redneckness to the table.

According to Deadline, she'll join the previously cast Katie Finneran in the comedy about two middle-aged moms with an intense hatred for their children. Popular, catty and mouthy, they're everything the women didn't want out of their daughters and bare a striking resemblance to the bitches they grew up hating.

No offense to Finneran, but how was Jaime Pressley not the first actress approached and cast for this pilot? I already know for a fact she will be perfect. Few people froth with better hatred than her. Let's hope the rest of the show comes together, and we see this on Fox's schedule next year.