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Jason Katims To Produce About A Boy Pilot With NBC

We’re getting into pilot season at the networks, and NBC has just greenlit the pilot for About a Boy, a project based on the book of the same name by Nick Hornby, and by extension the 2002 movie starring Hugh Grant. If you need a refresher, the pilot will follow a man whose life changes after a boy and his mother, who is a single parent, move into the neighborhood.

According to Deadline, frequent NBC collaborator Jason Katims is set to write and executive produce the pilot, which seems to be a good fit for the Parenthood and Friday Night Lights creator, who likes telling stories about relationships. However, About a Boy will be a very different sort of storytelling for Katims.

While Katims has made a name for himself with drama projects, the pilot is a half-hour, single camera comedy—a first for the man in the TV realm. Since NBC has some comedy slots opening up next season--especially on Thursday nights--now seems like the perfect time for Katims to give a comedy project like About a Boy a shot. Additionally, since About a Boy was attempted as a TV project back in 2003, it seems like a better idea to try to breathe life into the idea as a half-hour comedy, which is novel.

Additionally, Katims has a spy drama in contention this pick-up season. TV Blend will keep you posted if any of Katims projects make it to series in 2013.

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