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Jessica Alba Joins Black To Guest Star In The Office

Yesterday, NBC announced that Jack Black was signed on to play a guest-starring role in the highly anticipated one-hour episode of the The Office, which is set to premiere immediately following the broadcast of Super Bowl XLIII. The press release issued mentioned other “notable Hollywood actors.” Today, the network announced the name, which definitely falls into that category, as someone who’ll be guest-starring alongside Black.

Jessica Alba has also been signed on to guest star in the episode, titled “Stress Relief.” From what NBC has stated, the episode involves some of the office workers secretly watching a bootleg Hollywood movie while at work. The movie just so happens to star Jessica Alba and Jack Black.

Since Alba and Black have been tapped to star in the pirated movie, I’m guessing (or hoping) that the actual movie will somehow play a part on the plot of the show and not just the fact that someone (my money’s on either Kevin or Creed) got their hands on a bootleg copy of it.

The Office’s “Stress Relief” airs after the Super Bowl on February 1 (10:30-11:30 p.m. ET; simultaneously to all time zones) on NBC.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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