A few years ago, I would never have considered the possibility of multitudes of supernatural-based television shows. From Being Human to True Blood to The Vampire Diaries and more, it’s difficult to wade through the multitude of content to determine what may or may not be worthy of you, the viewer’s, time. Precisely because there is so much supernatural content out there, some of us may have never managed to check out The CW’s The Vampire Diaries. Is The Vampire Diaries worth getting into now that it is in Season 4?

While there are shows that are easier to invest in if they are watched from Day 1, luckily there are plenty of shows with the ease of plot or the writing finesse to help people to jump into any episode and get involved with a new series. To determine whether a show falls in to the former or latter camp, TV Blend writer Jessica Rawden has vowed to watch episodes of shows she’s never seen before and analyze those show in different areas to let you, the reader, know how quickly you could become a fan. This week Jessica is tackling The Vampire Diaries’’s Season 4 Episode 11 drama “Catch Me if You Can.”

1. Quality Of Story
If you like action and complicated plotlines, The Vampire Diaries may be a program for you. Let’s talk action, first. Right after the introductory “scenes from last week” sequence, the show jumps right into a spooky evening of action, involving some weird sort-of vampires, another rogue vampire, a good vampire, and some humans. There’s a gross-out bar scene that looks straight out of True Blood, but this leads straight into an exhilarating chase through the words. It’s surprisingly fast-paced and exciting.

I’m not sure exactly how The Vampire Diaries started out, but by now it’s a true ensemble series with multiple storylines running at once. The overarching theme for this season, or at least this episode, revolved around something the vamps are working to create or destroy depending on motivation, called “The Cure.” Several of the storylines interweave, which works, although a few of this week’s scenes and smaller plotlines seem like excess.

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