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We still have a couple of weeks to wait for the next new episode of Saturday Night Live. The Olympics has put NBC into rerun territory for the most part, but the late night sketch comedy series will be back soon enough, and when it does, Jim Parsons will host an episode. The Big Bang Theory star has been lined up to host the March 1. While this is Parson's first time hosting, it isn't the first time for the episode's musical guest. Beck will be returning for his seventh appearance as musical guest in the series.

Beck's album "Morning Phase" will release February 25, so his March 1 spot on SNL is perfectly timed for us to hear some of his new tunes. In the meantime, given the popularity of The Big Bang Theory, fans will likely be eager to tune in to see what Parsons brings to his episode. In addition to the CBS comedy, Parsons' credits also include Garden State and Zach Braff's more recent followup Wish I Was Here. He also recurred on Judging Amy as Rob Holbrook.

So we have that to look forward to. And we also have Late Night with Seth Meyers to anticipate. The SNL writer and "Weekend Update" news anchor made his official departure from SNL earlier this month, and we'll see Meyers back at a desk on NBC on February 24 when his late night series takes off. According to Time, it sounds like Meyers may not be the only face familiar to SNL fans on Late Night. It sounds like there's a good chance we'll see recurring "Weekend Update" guest Stefon on the new talk show at some point or another. Bill Hader returned to SNL for Meyers' last episode....

And from what Meyers said, it sounds like Hader's up for dropping by Late Night at some point. “Bill and I spoke during my last SNL, and we do think he’ll turn up eventually,” Meyers said. But we might not expect too many SNL crossovers at Late Night, as Time's article says Lorne Michaels advised him to stay away from bringing too many SNL bits over to it.

That's not terrible advice, as Meyers does need to establish himself independently from his SNL fame, much in the way Jimmy Fallon did. Fallon's SNL roots surfaced occasionally, but he made Late Night his own, allowing viewers to see him for his current work and accept him as a host and not just someone who got famous thanks to SNL. So as great as it'd be if Stefon or Jacob (Vanessa Bayer) or that drunk girl you don't want to talk to at a party (Cecily Strong) stop by Late NIght, I like the idea of Meyers reinventing himself a bit as host if it means it'll help him be as successful as Fallon.

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