Jimmy Kimmel's Not Responsible For The Dennis Quaid Meltdown, Funny Or Die Is

We all know that Jimmy Kimmel loves pranks. And a lot of people assumed that epic Dennis Quaid freak-out video was of his creation, even after he denied it in full on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Now, thankfully, Funny or Die has come forward and claimed responsibility for the joke that some of us really hoped wasn’t a joke. Check out the full video below, in which the real Dopey the Dick may surprise you. Be warned of the NSFW language.

This is far and away one of the best things that Funny or Die has ever put together. Quaid’s wording in the initial video seemed a little too precise, which was one of the things that clued people in on it being a gag. And now we know it was worded like that specifically for a series of odd Airplane-style jokes that tied in with everything he was complaining about. A guy in a penis costume. A literal pile of horseshit. A group of zombie extras. A basket full of kitty cats. And that beautiful last line, “Blow me,” is solely in reference to getting his hair blow-dried to calm him down.

I love how they tied Jimmy Kimmel’s denial into the video itself, along with Access Hollywood, although there are probably some “comedy conspiracy theorists” who will assume that this is further proof he was in on it the whole time. Check out the clip from Kimmel below, and start saving your money for a new line of T-shirts.

I don’t know about you guys, but I squealed with delight seeing Quaid’s expletive-filled rant dubbed over the cartoon “Duck Amuck,” which is my absolute favorite Looney Tunes short ever. It links up almost too well, and now I feel like Dennis Quaid has to be the voice of Daffy Duck in whatever the next Looney Tunes movie is that inevitably gets made in the next few years. Lisps are funny still – I guess? – but there’s nothing like guttural hollering to make rabbit season feel far more dangerous.

So, somewhat sadly, we must remove Dennis Quaid from the pantheon of Hollywood stars who have temporarily gone off the deep end in public. Fortunately, his brother Randy Quaid is the mayor of WTFville in Canada, so we can just spend the meantime looking forward to his next video.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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