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Jimmy Smits Joins NBC Pilot Formerly Titled SILA

A few days ago, I gushed about Noah Emmerich’s involvement in the NBC pilot S.I.L.A.. Now there are more reasons to celebrate, though I’m having a hard time deciding which one of these pieces of news is better. First, the show has shed itself of that horrible title. No word on what they might change to, but I’m fairly certain you could draw three relevant nouns out of a hat and find something better. Maybe Criminal Destruction Web or Police Smackdown Chaos.

Deadline is also reporting acclaimed actor Jimmy Smits has boarded the currently untitled pilot. He’ll play the mayor, Noah Emmerich’s boss, looking to rid the city of its surreptitious criminal elements through a special investigation service. I would buy him as an underhanded mayor. Hell, I would buy him in almost any capacity after his work as the rogue government employee on Dexter.

I cannot underscore the importance of Jimmy Smits’ casting enough. Well beyond the fact that he’s a great actor, this pilot needed a name to sell to NBC. I have no doubt Noah Emmerich will be great, but his name alone will not get this project picked up. Jimmy Smits’ might. Fingers crossed.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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