Joffrey Gets Roasted In Funny Game Of Thrones Video

One of the numerous things Game of Thrones has done right is give fans a character we can love to loathe. Young Joffrey has no redeeming qualities that I can think of. He really doesn't. Nor is he all that sympathetic, even if we do factor in the pressure he might be under, what with his royal duties, his determined mother and his complicated family history. He's simply too mean and takes too much joy in other people's pain to be redeemable right now. Which is probably why it makes it easier for us to snicker at the sight of someone slapping him -- which does happen from time to time -- than it would be if we saw some other child being physically assaulted. The above video shows us some of the highlights of HBO's Game of Thrones #RoastJoffrey campaign. Because these are the things Game of Thrones fans will get involved with as we tap our collective feet waiting for the drama to return.

Among said highlights are some of the best of the worst Joffrey moments and some clever tweets from fans who loathe Jack Gleeson's vile character:

"Out of all the murderous psychopaths born out of secret royal incest, you're my favorite" - Comedian Joe Rogan tweets.

"In high school, Joffrey was voted most likely to be slapped," @NickPWayToBe's Tweet states, just before an excellent montage of slapping moments plays out.

"Joffrey's favorite word is 'moist'." @ChicagoEnne tweets. That's cold.

It all ends with Joffrey whining "You're talking to a king!" and then letting out a scream as Tyrion slaps him across the face. Again.

Still need something to pass the time between now and April 6 when Game of Thrones returns for Season 4? Here's the previously released trailer:

And here's a look behind the scenes:

Finally, just last week we shared a bunch of new episode stills from the upcoming fourth season. Check those out here. Or simply bask in the glow that is Joffrey below...


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