John Goodman is returning to the hallowed halls of Saturday Night Live for the thirteenth time this weekend the veteran host is churning out Christmas spirit as only he knows how: by screaming a lot with cast member and fellow loud person, Taram Killam. Happy holidays, you guys! And there isn't anything more festive than people talking very loudly — just ask anyone at your family's celebration this year (if you can get a word in edgewise).

It’s also Friday the Thirteenth the day before Goodman’s thirteenth episode premieres. Clearly a good omen for everyone involved, right? Especially when, as Killam observes, “Look at that! Nice little black cat crossing our path, that’s promising, right?” Right.

Goodman’s silent response to the black cat on his path is one of only a few low-key, straight-man moments from the actor, who readily throws volume control to the wind in the name of goofs and guffaws. (Much like last week's host, Paul Rudd.) He and Killam throw themselves into the frenzied fire of holiday cheer headfirst, screech-singing their way through a warbling rendition of “Deck The Halls” that ends with the duo meowing, because of course.

When the mention of musical guest, the band Kings of Leon, though, Killam is quick with a retort. “They might be the Kings of Leon…but we are the kings of the Tree-on!” While Goodman commends Killam on his award-worthy chucklebuster, he wonders aloud if it was something off-the-cuff. But Killam is quick to put Goodman in his place, declaring, “I have had that joke in my head for years and today the stars aligned for me, John. Wow, the perfect storm to execute that joke. Best joke ever! Well, that’s all from me, mission accomplished. Back to space.” Meaning, yeah, he pretty much nailed it.

“I don’t know about you, John, but I think this promo would be a heck of a lot cuter if we were shrunk down on the Christmas tree,” chirps Killam, ever in the holiday spirit. The duo are shrunk and thrust upon the branches of New York City’s most famous tree, guaranteeing that cuteness overload (a.k.a. the currency of the Internet) is achieved. Goodman’s yuletide feeling isn’t far behind either, as he quickly adds, “You’re right, this is cuter!” Which is all well and good until, well, the awkward silence sets in. Apparently cute doesn't take you all that far — or give you a way out. “I don’t know how to get us back, by the way” Killam admits. Woops.

Other quippy bits includes a tiny Killam berating Rockefeller Christmas Tree onlookers,“It’s a tree…move on!” all the while eyeing Goodman prior to the oft-heard and truely unoriginal declaration of, “I’m such a fan.” The bit ends with Goodman shaking his head in seeming defeat.

All twelve previous episodes of the series that feature Goodman can be found on Hulu Plus if you’re interested in watching a little bit of history (may I suggest Season twenty’s sixteenth episode?), or even just taking a quick glimpse at his take on Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal-maker, Linda Tripp. With Rudd and Josh Hutcherson garnering decent reviews for their episodes, it seems as though SNL is trying to closing out 2013 on top.

Musical guest Kings of Leon will accompany Goodman on the stage at Studio 6H this Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 11:35PM on NBC.

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