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Is Josh Lucas the new Tom Cruise? I don’t know about that but from the sound of it, he will be filling Cruise’ shoes when NBC’s The Firm premieres. Word is, the actor is close to a deal to play the role of Mitch McDeere in the upcoming NBC sequel-series.

I still find it a little bizarre that there’s going to be a TV series based on The Firm. The film and novel were huge hits, however that was nearly two decades ago. I guess I just have a hard time trying to wrap my mind around the birth and development of the idea to explore a ten-years-later scenario for The Firm. I mean, if they’re going to revive stories from films that premiered in 1993, why not go with Demolition Man or Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit? A fake nun teaching high school and a blonde-haired Wesley Snipes in overalls? Make it happen (again), Hollywood! I’d even consider watching a show about a re-rehabilitated Simon Phoenix teaching high school kids to sing and do round-house kicks.

Regardless of my own preferences in reviving the ‘90’s on the small screen, The Firm is happening and according to Deadline, Josh Lucas is in the final stages of negotiations to play the lead role of Mitchell McDeere. If your memory of The Firm is rusty, the book/movie followed a young, ambitious lawyer who took down a corrupt Memphis law firm from within. The show takes place a decade later, after Mitchell and his family leave witness protection. They soon find that the past isn’t entirely buried and there are new threats looming on the horizon.

Lucas’ recent credits include the film The Lincoln Lawyer, Life As We Know It, and Glory Road. He also starred opposite Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama. His resume should also include having a voice and accent that is pleasant to the ears and “looks good with beard stubble.”