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If you’re a Justin Bieber fan, you’ll want to check out these clips from tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live. The pop-star appeared opposite host Dana Carvey in the revival of the classic “Church Chat” sketch, as well as a digital short with Andy Samberg.

Was Bieber even alive during Dana Carvey’s original, glorious (“best”) run on SNL? The answer to that would require googling his age and my interest really doesn't extend that far. I suppose that’s neither here nor there anyway, as he was around tonight to make the Church Lady’s “naughty parts tingle” and later, to appear as the stalked guy in a fake trailer for The Roommate. Here are the clips, via hulu:

In all fairness to Bieber, as a non-fan who's too old to fully appreciate the Bieber-worship, I thought he did a fine job. Any Bieber fans out there care to weigh in?

Saturday Night Live airs on Saturday night at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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