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Katy Perry hosted Saturday Night Live last night. The episode had its moments, including a bizarre digital short, which featured appearances by Matt Damon and Val Kilmer, and a New Years Eve parody that showed off Kristen Wiig’s amusing Drew Barrymore impersonation.

I can’t say this week’s episode of SNL was among the funniest of the season, but there were some great sketches and Perry held her own as host. We also got an appearance by Bill Hader's Stefon, who, in typical Stefon form, had trouble keeping a straight face during his commentary with Seth on Weekend Update. Speaking of Weekend Update, Alec Baldwin showed up in disguise during a segment to address his recent airplane debacle. You’ll see that in the videos below, as well as some of the other highlights, including the “Best Friends” digital short.

Saturday Night Live airs on Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. Et on NBC.