The Keith Olbermann and Current TV saga made headlines for several days earlier this month after Olbermann was fired from the Al Gore-run network. The arguments between Olbermann and the TV group were very loud and extremely public, with the highlight being an appearance from the outspoken TV personality on the Late Show With David Letterman, where Olbermann described himself as a “10 million dollar chandelier” in a drab and rundown house. In the time since, Olbermann and Current TV have both sued each other and settled down to long days of lawyering up and battling behind closed doors.

Between losing his job and no longer being in demand by the news media, Olbermann likely is bored and wanting to do some sort of work. The 53-year-old commentator is set to hop to a network he has little experience with to join a political roundtable. Olbermann will appear on ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos during this Sunday’s program. The news broke today via the program’s Twitter.

It’ll be nice to see Olbermann behaving in his usual cocksucker personality but actually talking (fingers crossed) about something other than himself. Who knows maybe he’ll talk himself into a job on a brand new network. Stranger things have happened. With all the bridges the commentator has burned, a new network is probably his best job bet.

This Week airs at various times in the morning. Check your local listings.

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