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Countdown host Keith Olbermann has been suspended without pay indefinitely by MSNBC for giving campaign contributions to three Democrats running for federal office, including one that appeared on his show the same day the donation was made. The misconduct was first alleged by Politico this morning, was later confirmed by MSNBC and resulted in Olbermann’s suspension by the afternoon. Quite a whirlwind for the host who just two days ago was anchoring MSNBC’s election returns.

Since news of his suspension was made public, Olbermann has confirmed he made the donations, saying these contributions were the first he’s ever made and that at no point did he either “privately or publically encourage anyone else to donate to these campaigns.” NBC has a long standing policy of barring its news employees from donating to federal campaigns.

No word yet on what MSNBC might do with Olbermann’s time slot or whether this breach in etiquette will sever the company’s relationship with arguably its most famous anchor. Stay tuned for more developments and a longer analysis to run later tonight.

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