Kevin James Has A New TV Show, Get The Details

Comedian Kevin James kicked off his on-screen career as the somewhat lovable goon at the co-head of King and Queens before finding a movie career. It’s been eight years since we last saw him as Doug Heffernan, but he won’t be staying away from TV for too much longer, as he’s tapped to take over CBS once more for an untitled new family comedy.

Nothing too heavy about this description. James will play a cop who is hoping that his recent retirement means years of good memories with his family, which includes a wife and three kids. Of course, in true sitcom glory, he figures out that his time on the streets in law enforcement was a cakewalk compared to a more constant home life. You cue that laugh track, and you cue it right.

The details behind this untitled comedy have apparently impressed the suits at CBS enough to put in for an initial order of 13 episodes, according to TVLine. Not as large as the seasons for most of their series, but that could mean several things. Maybe they’re keeping things close to the vest right away, and they’ll invest more time and money after they’ve seen what the final product looks like. Though they want to bring it to TV in the 2016-2017 season, it’s possible they might use this shortened order a way to test a summer comedy, since they’ve done well with dramas like Under the Dome and Zoo.

James has experience in other TV show as well, as he had a recurring role on Everybody Loves Raymond and appeared in episodes of Becker and Arli$$, among others. The actor was able to carve a niche for himself on the big screen as well, with 2015 in particular being a banner year for him, as his films like Paul Blart 2, Pixels, and Hotel Transylvania made some major bank.

CBS still relies on the constant success of The Big Bang Theory, and its other comedies also do extremely well, with Life in Pieces being the most recent debut. Later this year, they have Angel from Hell, which stars Jane Lynch as a wacky angel who makes amazing predictions. The bar is set high, people.

Though it’s not clear when this new Kevin James project will go into production, viewers can expect to find it on CBS next year at some point. Will you guys be watching?

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Nick Venable
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