The Killing may have its detractors. Okay, a lot of detractors but it is still way more interesting than any other police procedural on the networks. And that's just it, inherent in the name 'procedural' is the formula that so many of the CSIs, NCISes and other similarly acronym-ed shows rely on to tell their stories from week to week. I'll take something that tries to be original, even if it occasionally comes up short, over the safe, easy to digest, hour long dramas prevalent across all the networks.

AMC The Killing program not only differs in its serialized approach to storytelling (pretty much antithetical to CBS' entire schedule and what do they know, they're just the number one network on television), but also in its focus on character development, atmosphere and well, not providing many answers (okay for now, but could soon turn frustrating). Last week's "Ghosts of the Past," provided another solid episode in a second season that is getting ever closer to resembling the show that everyone was praising upon its debut. They still haven't solved the case of Rosie Larsson but tonight there seem to be some "Openings."

Just like the preview leading up to "Ghosts of the Past," this short clip focuses on the two biggest reasons to still be watching the show, namely, Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman. The have great chemistry as Linden and Holder, with a complex and rewarding relationship to also explore (I love how she remembers his love of the Discovery Channel). And while Holder's sordid past and missteps have been further explored this year, it now seems like Linden's ghosts might be coming back to haunt her... Can she try to solve the murder without getting to personally invested? "Empathy can poison your brain."

Official synopsis from AMC's The Killing website,
Sarah focuses in on a Larsen family secret, Stan faces his past sins, Mitch shelters a runaway girl, and Richmond has a surprise visitor.

The Killing airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. The show is adapted from a Danish series of the same name (well, Forbrydelsen) and stars Mireille Enos, Billy Campbell and Joel Kinnaman.

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