The Killing Season 4 Photo Reveals Joan Allen In Uniform

In anticipation of the series' fourth season premiere later this summer, Netflix has released a first look photo of Joan Allen in The Killing. Allen was cast as a guest star in the series, which was cancelled by AMC but rescued by Netflix for a fourth and final season.

Season 4 of The Killing will have detectives Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) dealing with the fallout from their choices at the end of Season 3, as they're assigned to a new murder case. A "picture-perfect family" is murdered, with just one member, son Kyle Stansbury (Tyler Ross), surviving the ordeal, though he was shot in the head. Joan Allen is guest starring as Colonel Margaret Rayne, the headmaster of the all-boys military school where Kyle is a student. And from the photo above, it looks like we're seeing Col. Rayne hard at work, keeping the boys in line.

Allen's recent credits include The Bourne Legacy (and other Bourne movies), HBO's Luck and a voice role in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Netflix has been slowly teasing the fourth season of The Killing. Back in April, they shared this rainy teaser, that offers no footage but reminds us of bad-weather associations with the once-AMC drama...

And just last week, the streaming video service shared this new trailer promoting Seasons 1-3, which are available streaming on Netflix for those who need a refresher or who want to get caught up on the series before the final season gets going...

A show like The Killing will takes its time unfolding its mystery, so it may be for the best that it moved over to Netflix (opens in new tab), where it could pick up a new following of fans who can watch the first three seasons at their own pace, ahead of the Season 4 premiere, which is set for August 1.

The latest photo isn't the first glimpse we've seen of Season 4. You can check out three more in the gallery below.

Photo Credit: Carole Segal for Netflix.

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