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The Killing Season 4 Trailer Teases Tension, Murder, Blood And Rain

"It's a bloodbath."

They're talking about a crime scene when they say "It's a bloodbath," but the same could be said for the trailer for The Killing, which is positively dripping with blood... also tension and guilt. Following first look images and a teasy poster, Netflix has finally released the trailer for The Killing's fourth and final season, which will air exclusively on Netflix. Yes, The Killing is coming back for one last round before sailing off into the the cloudy, rainy sunset.

The new trailer splits its focus between the fallout of Season 3, including the secret between detectives Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman), which can't be washed away by a shower or a lot of rain.

Beyond the aftermath of Linden's actions at the end of Season 3, and whatever impact this will have on her relationship with Holder, there's a new murder mystery to be dealt with. The trailer clues us into that, as we see Tyler Ross playing Kyle Stansbury, a military school kid whose family was brutally murdered. It looks like he's the suspect in the case. "I'm not a monster," he insists. Cut to Linden staring at a wall covered in photos of the same woman..

photo wall

Joan Allen guest stars as Col. Margaret Rayne, the headmaster at Kyle's school. She's heard saying, "It isn't Kyle. He isn't capable of violence." Is she saying that out of kindness? Because there's kind of an edge to her voice. Like maybe not being capable of violence is some kind of failure on his part. Or maybe I'm just picturing this character as being the overbearing military school authority figure by default and projecting that into Rayne's statement. Either way, it seems like military school plays a relevant part of Kyle's story, regardless of whether or not he was directly involved in what happened to his family.

And then there's all the mentioned blood in the trailer. Creepy stuff...


Netflix has The Killing Season 4 set to premiere in its entirety on August 1. In the meantime, you can catch the first three seasons, which originally aired on AMC, streaming on Netflix (opens in new tab).

Kelly West
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