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Lady Gaga Delivers Music And Laughs To Saturday Night Live

Lady Gaga showed off her sense of humor last night, pulling double duty as host and musical guest for Saturday Night Live. Highlights included her musical opening monologue, during which she proudly admitted she’ll take cheap applause where she can get it. She also gave us a glimpse into her future, in a sketch that showed what Lady Gaga might look like decades from now when people have forgotten her. Unfortunately, since both of those segments involved music, NBC doesn’t have them online (yet). The same applies to the bad cover songs sketch, which included Gaga’s cover of Madonna’s “Express Yourself,” which was basically her singing “Born This Way” while doing Madonna dances. Good stuff, but not online yet. NBC did share her musical performances, along with a couple of other funny moments.

The “Co-Op” board sketch wasn’t particularly great, but Gaga’s loose impersonation of Marissa Tomei from My Cousin Vinny was pretty funny:

And here Gaga plays a Mac genius in the ‘Waking up with Kimye” sketch:

Taran Killam earned some laughs with a Weekend Update bit that involved playing a Patriot who pans famous speeches:

And here’s the SNL fake commercial for the “Rose Zone,” which takes a sports approach to feeding reality show highlights and TV’s trashiest moments to female viewers:

Back to Gaga, watch her get wild on stage for her “So What U Want” performance:

And then check her out behind the piano for “Gypsy”:

You can watch the full episode here.