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Lauren Graham has been crushing her character on Parenthood for the past several years. However, Parenthood is already though its sixth and final season, meaning the show’s incredible cast is also looking for work. The good news for Graham is that she’s already found a gig. This morning, CBS confirmed that Graham will hop over to the network’s Odd Couple reboot, where she has landed a guest role.

The original Odd Couple followed two divorced men living together and ran for five seasons between 1970 and 1975. The new version will be markedly similar. In The Odd Couple, Graham will sign on opposite Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon, who play characters that are living together. Perry and Lennon will play two college friends named Oscar and Felix whose marriages have been flushed down the drain. Since their messed up relationships are what brings the two men together, it stands to reason that the exes would come into play at some point, and that’s where Graham will be needed on the show.

The Parenthood actress will play Gaby, Oscar’s ex-wife. According to THR, while the couple couldn’t stand living with one another, they are still connected and even caring towards one another. That sounds far less contentious than the relationship Sarah currently shares with Seth on NBC’s drama.

Obviously, a guest starring gig on The Odd Couple isn’t as awesome as landing a starring role, but since Parenthood is ending at kind of a wacky time in the middle of November, Graham’s role on CBS’ comedy should keep her name out there as she prepares to sign on for whatever is next in her career. (Anyone else have their fingers crossed for a highly improbable Gilmore Girls reunion? At least we know Alexis Bledel isn’t busy…)

It’ll be a little while before Graham actually appears on The Odd Couple. CBS has the series slated to hit the schedule in 2015, but hasn’t given the comedy a premiere date or timeslot, yet. We do know that the new show should be fairly high profile, as Perry and Lennon are both big names, despite the fact that they have several failed shows between them. Additionally, Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown has joined The Odd Couple reboot, playing Matthew Perry’s assistant Dani. The show is really gearing up over at CBS and we’ll let you know when The Odd Couple plans to hit the schedule.

We’ll also keep you posted as the kids and parents of Parenthood land new projects. In the meantime, you can catch Graham on NBC on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET.

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