Legends Of Tomorrow: How The Lazarus Pit Will Change Sara Lance

When The CW posted the Legends of Tomorrow trailer at the end of last season, we knew that the original Black Canary, Sara Lance, would be returning. Some of the how details began to get filled in at the end of last week’s episode of Arrow, as Laurel Lance is planning on using the Lazarus Pit to resurrect her sister. But what kind of state will Sara be in when she returns? According to the showrunner, she’ll be alive, but without any real humanity.

The showrunner for Legends, Phil Klemmer, spoke to TVGuide.com and gave a bit of an explanation about how Sara will fit into the overall team when she comes back to life.

Her story is really a simple one. It's her trying to regain her humanity, trying to find a human connection. It's kind of this paradox that she's selected for the team because she's this ruthless, cold-blooded assassin and what she really wants is to feel again. And these two things are at odds.

So it looks like the new Sara Lance will be even more emotionless than the old one. The original Black Canary was a member of the League of Assassins, and she and The Arrow didn’t always see eye to eye, especially when the Central City vigilante decided he was going to stop killing people. After spending more time with Oliver Queen and his team, she rebuilt her relationship with Oliver and her own family. Now she’s heading back to square negative-one. Before she was just unwilling to build relationships. Now she’ll be unable. Her only saving grace will be that she does want to feel again. She’s not solely a killer, so it should make for an interesting contrast with the rest of the Legends team.

It looks to be the Thea Queen problem at an exponential level. Thea was dunked in the Lazarus Pit after being dead for a day or so, and she came out mostly okay, though she is now showing signs of exposure. She has a tendency to get a little overzealous while in a fight and while she seems to understand that there’s a problem, she isn’t always able to do anything about. If all of these symptoms become amplified due to Lance being dead for significantly longer - since the series tends to run on approximately the same calendar that we do, it’s been a year - she should be an amazing ally in battle, and one who may be just as likely to kill her colleagues.

With Legends of Tomorrow set to premiere early next year, it’s hard to tell if we’re a couple days or a couple months away from seeing the return of Sara Lance. Either way, we look forward to being introduced to the new White Canary and all of her (lack of) emotional baggage.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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