I’m sure there are plenty of Fringe fans who are also Star Trek fanatics. If you consider yourself both, you’ll be happy to learn that Leonard Nimoy, aka Spock from Star Trek is set to join the cast of Fox’s Fringe for this season’s finale.

According to Entertainment Weekly’s Ausiello, in Nimoy’s character will be introduced in the season finale of Fringe and then he’ll return next fall for an extended arc. Nimoy will play William Bell, Walter Bishop’s former lab partner whowent on to become the millionaire founder of Massive Dynamic. Series creator J.J. Abrams told Ausiello that he’s delighted to work with Mr. Nimoy, going on to say, "The idea that he will play the mysterious, much-referenced William Bell is a thrill. I know I sound like a goofy fan boy, but I can't help it: Leonard is an icon of the genre and such a wonderful actor. To have him come on board Fringe is a mind-blowing honor."

As for the season finale, here’s what Fox has listed for the episode, titled “There’s More Than One of Everything”:

“The sudden and unexpected attack on someone with close ties to Fringe Division, the return of bioterrorist David Robert Jones (guest star Jared Harris) and the inexplicable disappearance of Walter set the stage for a non-stop, nail-biting season finale of FRINGE. Questions will be answered, observations made, loyalties tested and truths and identities revealed.”

Fringe airs on Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox.

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