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Grab the tissues ladies, Steel Magnolias is headed to Lifetime and the trailer, which features an all-star line-up including Queen Latifah, Phylicia Rashad and Alfre Woodard, is brimming with quotes likely to be familiar to those of us who could never see the 1989 Herbert Ross directed film too many times.

This version of the story (originally a play by Robert Harling before it was adapted to the film starring Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, Dolly Parton and Daryl Hannah), will feature an all black cast among the lead roles. The trailer, which THR shared today, begins with a number of lines pulled straight from the original movie, ("Pink is my signature color." "Nobody cries alone in my presence." among others), and introduces us to the characters - a group of women who spend time together at Truvy's beauty parlor, and whose friendship carries them through a number of high and low points in their lives.

I can't wait to see Alfre Woodard as the often grumpy and opinionated Ouiser. Add on Queen Latifah and Phylicia Rashad and we should probably expect some pretty fantastic performances from this cast, especially when factoring in this very emotional story about friendship, love and loss. I'll also be interested to see how the story is updated and whether I'll be able to detach myself from the memory of the original movie enough to connect with the characters just as well in this new version.

We should expect to see Steel Magnolias airing on Lifetime sometime later this year.

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