Lost's Mark Pellegrino And Henry Ian Cusick Join CW Pilots

The latest bit of casting news for The CW pilots involves two former Lost stars. Drama pilot The Tomorrow People has found its villain, and they found a good one. Mark Pellegrino, whose recent small screen work has put him on Syfy's Being Human and guest spots in Person of Interest, Revolution and Grimm, has signed on to play the villain in The Tomorrow People. And in other CW casting news, Henry Ian Cusick has joined The Hundred.

The CW's adaptation of 70s U.K. series The Tomorrow People has had a steady flow of casting news this week, with Australian actor Luke Mitchell and Robbie Amell signing on for the project, which follows a group of young people with extraordinary abilities, like teleporting and telepathically communicating with one another. Today TVline (via Deadline) reports that Pellegrino has signed on to play the role of Dr. Jedikiah Price, "an evolutionary biologist who sees the Tomorrow People as a grave danger to the human race." I'm wondering if there's a possible metaphor for intolerance at work here. Considering the "Tomorrow People" are using their abilities to fight evil, it doesn't sound like they're threatening mankind.

In addition to Being Human, Pellegrino's also well known for his role as Jacob on Lost and Lucifer/Nick in Supernatural. He tends to stick to genre television, so it sounds like The Tomorrow People will be a good fit for him (and his fans).

Speaking of former Lost stars, Henry Ian Cusick, who played Desmond on the ABC drama is joining The Hundred, the CW pilot based on Kass Morgan's book series. It's set in the future after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, resulting in an exodus of the remaining human survivors. 100 juvenile delinquents are sent back to Earth to see if it's habitable. Cusick will play Kane, "an officer aboard the Ark who wants the Chancellor's job. In addition to trying to get in touch with Penny on Lost, Cusick's more recent small screen appearances include The Mentalist, Scandal and Fringe.

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