Lost's Mark Pellegrino And Two Others Join NBC's Revolution

Having appeared in both Lost and Supernatural, it may have been just a matter of time before Mark Pellegrino ended up on NBC's Revolution, which comes from J.J. Abrams (Lost) and Eric Kripke (Supernatural). A few days after NBC aired the first episode of the post-apocalyptic drama series comes word that Pellegrino is one of three actors set to guest star on the series later this season.

Revolution airs Monday nights at 10/9c on NBC and takes place in the U.S. years after all of the power has gone out. The series kicked off on Monday by introducing us to a young woman named Charlie whose brother is kidnapped by the militia. She sets off to enlist her Uncle Miles to help her track him down. With society divided between survivors and the local militias governing things, there are likely to be plenty of roles to cast as this adventure plays out.

TVLine reports that Mark Pellegrino, Todd Stashwick and Colin Ford have all been lined up to guest star on Revolution. Pellegrino is set to play a militia officer, which might mean he's not the nicest guy. If that's the case, I doubt he'll have any trouble with that. In addition to playing the role of Lucifer on Supernatural, he also played Jacob on Lost, and the vampire Bishop on Syfy's Being Human. We'll see him in the third episode of the season.

Meanwhile, Todd Stashwick, whose credits include Justified and Men of a Certain Age, is set to play a drug lord in the series' sixth episode. And finally, Colin Ford will appear in Episode 7, playing the brother of a kid who's taken by the militia. Like Pellegrino, Ford has ties to Supernatural, having played the younger version of Sam Winchester in Kripke's series.

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