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Remember in Lost when it seemed like our beloved, adorable Hurley had found love? For Hurley, love came in the form of Libby, a beautiful blonde “Taily” who saw past his tubby exterior enough to see what a great, funny guy he is. Then Michael shot and killed her and Hurley was left with nothing more than a broken heart a few much-deserved happy memories and a grave to visit.

Libby died before she and Hurley could really develop their relationship. She also died before we could learn more about her back-story. We know she gave Desmond her husband’s boat after he died and that she spent some time in a mental institution. Other than that, her character’s history is pretty vague. That’s why, according to an exclusive report by TV Guide’s Ausiello, Cynthia Watros is being brought back to Lost for numerous episodes this season.

Libby wont be coming back from the dead. Most likely, her story will be wrapped up in flashbacks. Ausiello reported that Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse said, “She'll be in enough of the show for us to fill in the missing pieces of her story.”

Watros was in a pilot, titled The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud but it wasn’t picked up for the fall season. While that may have been unfortunate for her, its good news for Lost fans who were hoping to find out more about her character.

And now to speculate! Since Libby is dead, could this mean that she’ll be appearing in someone else’s flashbacks and if so, whose? We know she met Desmond prior to the plane crash. We also know that she was in the same mental institution that Hurley was admitted to, though he didn’t seem to remember her. Could she be connected to any of the other Losties somehow? Or will Hurley actually remember her from his “troubled” days?

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