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Lost's Sawyer Is The Reason For The Season

With Lost returning to ABC on Wednesday, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse gave insight to the upcoming season at the Television Critics Association on Friday. According the AP report, this season will push Sawyer to the forefront of the cast with and without a shirt on.

The season will have a lot of time shifting and Sawyer isn’t too happy about it I bet. Sawyer will have to fill the “Jack” role on the island until he returns while controlling his emotions on losing Kate. Controlling his emotions wouldn’t exactly be Sawyer’s strong point, I’d think. Nicknames and going shirtless, no problem. Remaining calm, not so much.

While Sawyer going shirtless doesn’t cause my heart to flutter nearly as much as my wife’s, I’m still excited about a season with Sawyer moving to the forefront. Unfortunately, I have this nagging feeling that Sawyer is not destined to survive. He just has that Han Solo quality about him. However, Cuse and Lindelof care more about stories and less about action figures so they'll have the guts to kill off the heartthrob that George Lucas didn't. There's a chance my fellow former University of Georgia student will live happily ever after but I’ll settle for a heroic death at the end of next season. Just don’t take him away from us this year!