It’s no secret that we here at TV Blend are devout followers of Louis CK’s brilliant brand of schlub commentary. We never miss an episode of Louie, and are now ecstactic to learn the series will be returning for a third season. No official word from FX on the pickup has been heard, but Louis mentioned it on his twitter this afternoon. I’m sure that his next tweet will be an apology about once again using twitter to promote, rather than tell jokes. Hey, I’d prefer the guy to keep the jokes where he does them best, on stage and on Louie.

“Season 3 of LOUIE is official. We will be back. I am very grateful to keep the best job on earth for another year,” Louis said in a tweet. Recently the show dealt with the rivalry between Louis and megapopular comedian Dane Cook. I was honestly surprised to see this get addressed directly on the show, and pleased to see that it wasn’t a circus. For a detailed look at the pivotal moment you can check out our analysis here. For myself, I think Dane got off a little light. But I’m also one of those who defended Louis in the conflict, and it was brilliant to watch Louis squirm as he finally admitted his guilt in allowing the attacks on Cook to continue.

We haven’t got word from FX, but Louis’ tweet has us excited to get more Louie next summer.

UPDATE: Looks like it is official from FX, and not just a hopeful tweet from Louis.

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