What does Tom Cruise have to do with Louis CK? Based on the preview for next Thursday's episode of Louie, his presence on a certain talk show may prohibit Louie from doing a bit of national television stand-up comedy. Spoilers ahead!

Louie sure is getting around this season. In addition to his usual adventures throughout New York, his work as a comedian took him down to Miami earlier this season, and based on this clip below, it looks like a trip to Los Angeles is in the cards, as that's where The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is taped. Unfortunately, it also looks like Louie may have made the trip for nothing…

It's not a particularly hilarious moment, but it seems like it'll lead to something more. You'd think going on after Tom Cruise would be a good thing, as viewership would probably be high for an episode like that… except Tom Cruise apparently likes to tell long stories, and now there's bad news. But the episode is titled "Late Show Part I," so perhaps he'll manage to make it onto Leno eventually.

Louie airs Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV.

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